Optimere provides a comprehensive set of tools to regulated customers ensuring all their communications are compliant, accessible, accurate, and optimized.

Quick Facts

3x+ Growth From Investment to Exit
6K+ Customers Acquired
$4B+ Total Addressable Market


As regulated organizations look to improve transparency and maximize engagement with their customers and constituents they face a myriad of federal and state regulations related to record keeping, accessibility and data privacy these requirements. Optimere provides digital communications compliance solutions to enable regulated organizations to manage compliance workflows across their highest volume digital communication channels.




Use ArchiveSocial's Market Leading Position to Create a Robust Compliance Platform Through M&A

ArchiveSocial had a leading position in the social media archiving market for local governments. We helped ArchiveSocial acquire NextRequest and Monsido, deepening the company’s capabilities within the records request workflow as well as broadening the company’s portfolio of tools for ensuring compliant communications.


Increase Addressable Market Opportunity

ArchiveSocial had built a robust sales engine delivering products to regulated organizations. By enhancing ArchiveSocial’s pricing and product management process and completing the acquisitions of NextRequest and Monsido, we were able to increase the company’s addressable market by over 10x.


Build Senior Management Team Capable of Managing The Organic

Shortly after Level’s initial investment in ArchiveSocial, we hired a senior management team with the experience to manage a rapidly growing core business as well as execute on an M&A strategy and integrate the acquired businesses into the platform.

Value Created

Level initially made an investment in ArchiveSocial. ArchiveSocial was a rapidly growing market leader in social media archiving and had built a robust sales and marketing engine to that end market. We were able to capitalize on the company’s leadership position by enhancing ArchiveSocial’s product strategy and acquiring NextRequest and Monsido to build a comprehensive platform serving all the communications compliance needs for regulated organizations and thereby increasing the total addressable market by over 10x.

To manage the organic growth as well as execute on M&A and integrate the acquired businesses into a platform, Level hired an experienced management team including a CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing (Government), and VP of Marketing (Commercial and International). This team rebuilt the company’s reporting and financial infrastructure and secured a credit facility to provide additional non-dilutive growth capital. Level helped orchestrate an exit process that led to numerous competitive offers, resulting in a sale to a strategic acquirer, CivicPlus.

Partner Testimonial

“Level was awesome. Even NBA stars need coaches to push them to do more. Growth is hard and operators like me can easily get stuck in the day to day. Level helped us take a step back and look at the larger value creation path. From day one, Level identified the key value creation items we could improve upon and continually challenged us to execute on those. For us at Optimere, the primary leverage point was increased total addressable market. Level advised us on market landscape work, two acquisitions, debt and equity financings, integration and the subsequent exit strategy needed to drive an outstanding outcome, all in record time.”

Ray Carey
CEO of Optimere
Ray Carey